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Vishrambaug Wada, Pune – Rich Palace in the city!

Vishrambaug Wada Pune is a popular historical building. This luxurious palace served as a residential place for 2nd Bajirao Peshwe. Let us see about Vishrambaug architecture, history & detailed tourist information.

Location: Thorale Bajirao Road, Sadashiv Peth, Central Pune, Maharashtra.


Vishrambaug Wada Pune is a beautiful palace (Palace=Wada in Marathi) located at Thorale Bajirao Road in Pune, Maharashtra. Since 2001, this wada hosts a heritage museum showing different arts & things. Vishrambaug palace is one of the most important landmarks of the Pune city. Bajirao Peshwe 2nd  lived in this palace for a long time.

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The wooden works of this palace such as Facade designs, columns, ceiling designs, exteriors and wall paintings shows splendid old colonial art. Vishrambaug Wada pune has very prime importance in the history of Maratha Empire as well as in the Pune city history. Nowadays, there is also a handicrafts store run by an NGO – Smile which sells artifacts & traditional Maharashtrian things.

History Of Vishrambaug Wada Pune

This palace was built in the year 1807 for Peshwe rulers of the Maratha Kingdom. It took 6 years to complete the construction of the palace. The cost of construction of the palace during that time was nearby 2 lakh rupees. In the early 17th century, Bajirao Peshwe 2nd used this mansion as his luxurious residence. He was the last Peshwa of Maratha kingdom. 

This wada is a beautiful three storied building having beautiful wooden entrance and balcony with amazing carved woodwork. In the past, Vishrambaug wada Pune was only a one-storied palace along with a beautiful garden. The name of the gardener of this garden was Vishram. So the name of this palace was derived from his name. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) bought this palace from the British Authorities in 1930 at the price of Rs.1,00,000/-

Vishrambaug palace has also played a major role in the improvisation of the education system of Pune City. In order to improve quality education, PMC started a Sanskrit school in Vishrambaug Wada pune in 1821. Other important education institutes started in this palace were Deccan Collage, Government Engineering College & Pune University.




The vishrambaug wada architecture is very fine & wooden work is simply awesome. Vishrambaug wada pune is built in the Peshwai style of architecture in addition to Rajput architecture. The dimensions of this palace are 260 feet long and 815 feet in width. The total area of Vishrambaug palace is 20,000 sq. feet. It has astonishing wooden facade & carved Suru (cypress tree) formed columns. Every column of this palace is sculpted from a single teak tree. Specially fabricated flat-sized bricks, seasoned wood, lime plaster (Chuna) and even basalt stone  was used in the construction of vishrambaug wada Pune. It is one of the best monuments in the Maharashtra.

Mr. Haripant Phadke wasthe owner of plot of Vishrambag Wada land plot. Initially there was a garden ( =baug in Marathi) on this area. Later in the year 1799, Bajirao Peshwe 2nd purchased this plot. He named this area as VishramBaug (Vishram=Resting & Baug=Garden). The construction of the vishrambaug wada Pune was started in 1806. According to some historians, the land was excavated up to the water table for laying of foundations. Due to this the palace is still standing intact on its position.

This palace caught a surprise fire on 31st October 1880. Consequently ,the fire caused major destruction of this amazing structure. The reason of the mysterious fire is still unknown. Later on, it was reconstructed as per its original appearance. The Vishrambaug palace pune is constructed in brickwork and has a charming appearance. The vishrambaug wada architecture exhibits nice carved woodwork of the balcony, big wooden columns, red tiles, windows and terracotta facade displays splendid old architecture style.

Stay of Bajirao Peshwe

Bajirao Peshwe had some unsatisfactory experiences in Shaniwar Wada so he wanted to stay in Vishrambaug Wada instead of Shaniwar Wada. Bajirao felt that Shaniwar Wada was an unlucky place for him to stay and then he moved in Vishrambaug palace. Bajirao Peshwe stayed here for 11 years till he was arrested by the British Authorities. According to historians, Bajirao had 6,000 servants for his service in this palace.

Palace has a large dancing hall with decorative carved ceiling called as Mastani Mahal. There is a collection of many artifacts, paintings and other things from the Peshwai times. Vishrambaug wada pune is an outstanding example of Pune’s rich culture and heritage. It was used for the offices of the Pune Corporation till 1958. But nowadays it hosts a post office in the ground floor along with some government offices. There is also an exhibition  hall named Punawadi te Punyanagari, it depicts the change in Pune city since last 700 years.

Vishrambaug wada pune is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is accommodated by Bajirao Road Post Office and exhibition hall dedicated to Maratha empire’s artifacts. The curator of this exhibition hall is the great Marathi historian – Babasaheb Purandare. There are two wooden staircases which take you to the exhibition.

One can see various paintings, illustrations of scenes during Peshwa rule and old maps on the walls of this palace. The second part of the palace has the Birth and Death Registration Office of the Pune Municipality Corporation. There is also one library of Marathi books. The third part has some rooms including Mastani Mahal. One can see the views of outside road from this part of the palace.

Vishrambaug wada pune images photos



Best Time To Visit: You can visit this vishrambaug wada pune throughout the year. It remains open all year round.

How To Reach: Pune is well connected to Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara & all major cities in Maharashtra. Auto, buses & cabs are available in the entire Pune city to reach this spot.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Pune railway station is the nearest railway station to reach this palace. It is hardly 15 minutes away from station.
  • Nearest Airport: Pune-Lohegaon airport is the closest airport to the palace.

Ticket Charges: The entry charges for Vishrambaug wada Pune is Rs. 5/- per person. (May subject to change over time)

Eating Stuff: There are plenty of restaurants nearby the palace to grab a bite.

Stay: Many luxury, semi-luxury & budget hotels are available in Pune. They offer comfortable accommodation in Pune city.

Attractions nearby Vishrambaug Wada pune: Raja Kelkar Museum, Shaniwar Wada, Lal Mahal, Dagdu Sheth Halwai Temple.

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