Waki Woods, Nagpur: Good Trekking and Natural Spot! 

Waki woods is kind of an eco-tourism destination developed near Nagpur. It has become popular among tourists due to its natural ambiance and interesting things to do!

Location Address: Waki village, Parseoni Taluka, About 33 km from Nagpur, Maharashtra (India).

Best Time To Visit: October to March is the ideal time to visit this place. This region lies near the river catchments so it is advisable to visit here after monsoons!

Waki Woods Information:

Due to extensive opportunities for camping, trekking, bird watching, archery, boating, riding and other activities; it is among the popular tourist attractions near Nagpur. It is a very fine example of eco-tourism. This spot is approximately 33 km away north to the Nagpur and is situated near Parseoni taluka. The path leading to Waki woods is lined with thick forest, lake, and wildlife.

Amazing scenery of the location!


This spot has various jungle trails and trekking routes. A large number of trekkers, bike riders, and nature lovers flock to this spot after the rainy season. This is basically a private own area of Spinner Resorts Private Ltd. It is situated amidst beautiful natural area and near low-risk streams of Kolar river. There is also a small hill and mini lake in this area.

Kolar river and water canal flow parallel to the two different ends of Waki woods. This region has a peaceful ambiance that completely relaxes our mind. It is also famous for the Dargah of Tajuddin Baba. This dargah is roughly 4 km away from here.

Beautiful camping site near river-stream!

©Leah Saldanha


Time Required: It is a good spot to spend a short holiday of 1-2 days.

How To Reach Waki Woods:

  • By Road: This spot is just an hour’s drive away from Nagpur. Nagpur has good connectivity to all major cities in Maharashtra. Take a road towards Karadi from Nagpur. Then proceed towards Patansavangi and take a right turn from there. There will be one railway crossing on this route. So you can cross-check whether you are going in a right direction or not!
  • Nearest Railway Station: Nagpur is the convenient railhead to reach over here. Almost all trains passing through this station have their halt over here. You can take a private vehicle from the station till the destination.
  • Nearest Airport: Nagpur has its own airport Sonegaon (8 km away from city center). This airport has connectivity to cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Doha & Sharjah.


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Accommodation/ Stating Options: Spinner Resorts Private Ltd near the Waki woods offer tent stay, as well as room, stay. This resort provides decent accommodation with all basic amenities and food. 

Restaurants Nearby/ Eating Stuff:  This place has its own Dhaba which offers the variety of delicious food at reasonable rates.

Nearby Attractions:

So overall, Waki woods is a perfect place for nature lovers and peace seekers. It is a good place to check out adventure activities!