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Zenith Waterfall In Khopoli: A Good One Day Trip Near Mumbai & Pune!

Zenith waterfall In Khopoli (Maharashtra)  is a popular mountain fall that attracts a large number of tourists every year!

Location Address: Near Khopoli, Raigad District, Maharashtra (India) –  410 204.

Best Time To Visit: July to September end is the ideal time to visit Zenith waterfall in Khopoli. The water dissipates once the rainy season got over!

Zenith Waterfall In Khopoli Information

It is a very famous waterfall in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This waterfall has very scenic surroundings and attracts a huge of tourists. The height of the fall is about 80-90 feet and remains active in the monsoon months only. It is close to both Mumbai & Pune cities. The waterfall is named after the Zenith company nearby it. A lot of adventure lovers visit this spot to enjoy the waterfall, rappelling and trekking around the waterfall.

Zenith waterfall in Khopoli is big and takes a shape of curve due to the wind flow. Many other small waterfalls are also there nearby the main waterfall. In case if you want to separate away from the crowd then these waterfalls will warmly welcome you. Though all of them are not accessible you can still find a way to few of them. It is a seasonal waterfall and attracts a huge number of tourists in the monsoon season.

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Route To Waterfall

The journey of a train makes you refreshing due to the lush greenery of the surrounding region. After reaching the Khopoli, exit on the western side of the station and proceed towards a bridge. You can either trek to a waterfall or else take a private vehicle from this concrete bridge. You have to walk through one industrial complex to reach the waterfall.

The route goes through the amazing greenery, scenic surroundings and dense vegetation. You have to cross various paddy fields and water streams in order to reach Zenith waterfall in Khopoli. You have to cross the water stream twice and water level usually remains knee deep. The path is muddy and slippery. It is advisable to wear a floater as they have a nice grip and work perfectly in these conditions. This trek takes about 40 to 50 minutes!

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Review & Tips

  • This waterfall is not preferable for senior citizens as you have to do a trek and path is not comfortable for them.
  • Avoid visiting the waterfall on weekends because it is one of the most visited waterfalls in Maharashtra and pulls hell lot of crowd on weekends.
  • Sometimes few people will ask you money for car parking. But make sure that those are not thugs because there are no private parking facilities nearby the waterfall.
  • Do not visit Zenith waterfall in Khopoli after a rainy season. Once the rain goes away after September, waterfall starts disappearing.
  • There are big stones at the base and the depth is more at the exact base where the water hits the land.
  • The rocks are slippery and have sharp edges.

Humble Request:

Please understand your responsibility and do not throw the waste material like plastic wrappers and water/alcohol bottles nearby the waterfall. Zenith waterfall in Khopoli is a source of drinking water to the local people. Carry a disposal bag with you and dispose of all waste in that bag only. Dump that bag in a proper dustbin while returning. Please be a responsible tourist!

zenith waterfall khopoli photos images

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Entry Fee: There is no entry fee or ticket charges to enter this waterfall.

Time Required: You can reach here in 2 hours from both Mumbai & Pune. It is an easy and refreshing one-day trip.

How To Reach Zenith Waterfall In Khopoli
  • By Road: You can directly reach the base of the waterfall by private vehicle. Khopoli is 30 km away from the Panvel city. It is 79 km away from the Pune city and 74 km away from Mumbai. You can park the vehicle at the base of the waterfall.
  • Nearest Railhead: Khopoli station on central railway line is the closest station to reach the Zenith waterfall in Khopoli. Auto-rickshaws and tum-tums are available outside the station till the waterfall. It is at a distance of 5 km from station and Auto rickshaw costs 20 rupees per person. Auto rickshaw will halt at 200 -300 meters before the waterfall. From there you have to walk through the jungle trail till the waterfall.

Food / Eating Stuff: Local vendors sell few food items like roasted corn, vada pav and tea in the monsoon season when the number of tourists is high! In the other half of the year, you will not get anything to eat near waterfall premises. Ramakant Vada pav is an another option which is a popular vada pav point of Khopoli region.

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Map To Reach:

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Zenith waterfall in Khopoli is one of the most famous waterfalls in Maharashtra due to its beauty. You can enjoy trek, water streams and waterfalls in the single visit! 😉